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Find the vocal solution that works for you!

This method is suitable for anyone wishing to explore the voice and releasing more power, flow and depth.

Many people want to get more power in the voice, find their own unique expression. I help you to expand your voice-potential. We work with sound, voice and silence, your feeling of safety, voice power, voice volume and vocal modes. Voice Coaching, meditative breathing and focus, vocal techniques and exercises are included in Holistic- voice-work™

During thes sessions we will work with different voice-techniques together with breathing, body, sound and grounding. You will learn how to create vocal tones and modes that inspires and connects.

Expand your voice and your range. Feel the difference in your body. You can work with song and holistic sound  individually and in groups. We also work on your goals. Using different techniques, we work with your vision and voice and awareness.  We work with anchoring and self-esteem.

The work with Holistic- voice-work™ started in courses and individual lessons in 1997. Holism (from the Greek holos, whole, complete.)  The idea in Holistic- voice-work™  is that your voice can not be explained or determined by your vocal placement and voice techniques alone. Instead, you have your whole being which is of crucial importance for how the voice is “acting”. The whole specter of your layer of experiences can hold keys to open your voice. To make you feel happy and safe with your own voice and let the joy of singing and the joy of your own sound fill you and your voice.DSC01713 DSC01719

Thank you for a wonderful course with you. Here I have found again the joy of singing and my own love for my voice. You’ve let me get up and find the playful human in me, like bubbles of lust for life.
Thank you,
~ Stefan Martens.

My journey in Holistic Woicework has been fantastic. From not allow myself, to allow me to be who I am for better or worse. Be allowed by myself to really sing out, use my whole body. Perfect. ~ Svahila Myrseth.  (AM™ )

Astrid Elisabeth Pedersen is a wonderful woman who I had the pleasure of working with, as together we organized and held the Crystal-Golden festival at Storefjell, Norway in June 2014.
It was a really good and stimulating experience at all levels, as Astrid Elisabeth is a warm-hearted, cheerful, flexible, creative and very intuitive woman who was extremely open to my spontaneous ideas during the festival, although some of them were slightly outside the planned program.
Astrid Elisabeth knows how to go in depth with the energy, when she helps her students and clients to explore and balance the energy of their body and mind. I know that her knowledge of holistic voice training is phenomenal, though I have only became acquainted with a small part of that knowledge. I have also seen how she in the most ingenious way instructs her students to open up their inner strength and awareness in a surprising and liberating way.
I highly recommend anyone of any age to participate in Astrid Elisabeth’s courses in holistic voice training and consciousness expansion.
With joy and gratitude
– Anni Sennov

Nature and meAstrid Elisabeth Pedersen
I am the the founder of this method in Holistic- voice-work™, starting the development of the methods back in 1997, and the discovery of the enormous power and creativity that lives inside us began. I focus on bringing back your potential and the creativity in you, and helps you find your own unique expression and your way through an exciting journey with the voice into the body. I work with singing, vocal techniques, dynamic exercises, voice coaching, sound and colors, focus and breath. I have my background in a combination of song-techniques, theatre, sound-therapy and energy-awareness. I studied classical singing technique in Norway and classes in vocal and voice training at the Roy Hart International Artistic Centre in France and Norway. I was a teacher at the Nordic Healer Institute and YotiCenter, teaching holistic energy awareness, art of healing, holistic voice-work and method development with student groups  from 2003 – 2011. I took the Aura Mediator education in Norway and this felt like a complementary energy landscape.  Later I took a class and was inspired at Complete Vocal Institute in Copenhagen, Denmark.  As a performer, I have written music and worked as a singer, working with several types of music, like opera, improvisation, meditative music, Jazz, Folk, and has participated in, and published music-albums. Nature, people, culture and my loved ones are my great inspiration in life. For You, a course or sessions can be the start of a brand new music-landscape, and inner development, or it can be both. My goal for the students is that they find their own voice and unique musical universe, and creative will in life, because all have a unique inner and outer voice and a unique possibility to find and fulfill their task and life. You are most welcome whether you choose to take sessions or a course to develop your song-skills or for your life-task development and research. There is a lot of ways to present such a work, and it can be built out of individual needs. Let’s talk about it :). If you like to arrange a course or book sessions for me you are welcome to contact me. You find the contact-information on this side. Course-language available; English, American, Swedish, Danish, English, and a little French.

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